Delivering Landmark Projects Through Decades of Experience.



Brisbane-based developer DevCorp is renowned for executing specialist subdivisions and quality multi-storey developments across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Since the company launched in 2001, it has created superior, beautiful, life-enhancing boutique residential developments.

Each DevCorp project is purposefully designed to enhance the lives, happiness and comfort of its residents by creating unique, superior and livable spaces.

The company appreciates the gravity and privilege of creating people’s homes and applies strict quality guidelines to all projects ensuring the execution of unique and quality developments that are immediately and proudly recognisable as DevCorp projects.

The DevCorp team ensures every development showcases integrity and pride in quality workmanship so that authentic, exciting landmark developments and buildings are delivered.

Every development comes with a design ethos based on livability and the beauty and skill of inspired carpentry.

Cox Rayner

For over 40 years, the Cox practice has maintained a passion for the idea of buildings ‘completing’ environments.

The process of studying closely what already exists in context, and of exploring ways to enrich and invigorate, leads to diverse solutions rather than to a particular style or idiom.

Beginning with an appreciation of the Australian industrial and rural vernacular with its inventive and often dramatic structural rigor, they have reveled in the advancements in technologies and materials to generate innovative, spatially dynamic buildings.

Advances in environmental technologies and strategies offer wide-ranging opportunities for new forms of architecture to evolve, and Cox Rayner practices all see collaboration with engineers and other allied professions as being fundamental to the way they work.

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